The Fundraiser Page Manager enables your team to access and filter all your peer-to-peer and crowdfunding pages.  For example, you can find pages that are at 50% of their goal or pages that have not received any activity this week!

To access your Fundraiser Pages:

1. Click on the Pages section. Here you'll see your Homepages, Team pages, and Fundraiser pages displayed in your lists, as well as an at-a-glance view of the number of pages and the total donations collected (These numbers will dynamically update as you apply or remove filters).

2. You can create segments of your Pages list by adding filters


Fun Facts:

1. Each page is represented by a card with top level data points. Each page card shows the page owner name and page title (Homepages do not have an owner name). 

  • You'll also see the amount raised on that page, the number of donations attached to the page, and the campaign that the page belongs to. 

2. Take actions on a page by accessing the Actions Menu

  • You can View Page and View page profile.

That's the basic tour for now. What page reports will YOU build? Have fun 😎

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