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☝️ This article is for Funraise's Legacy Site editor and only applies to Sites created before February 8, 2021. View current Site articles.

What is Peer-to-Peer Fundraising?

Peer-to-Peer fundraising features enable your Supporters to create their own individual fundraising page on your Campaign Site. Your fundraisers can then share their page with their friends and family to collect donations towards your goal. You can also activate team fundraising.

To activate Peer-to-Peer Fundraising:

1. You'll need an active campaign site. Create a Campaign Site

2. From the Site Editor > click Site Actions (3 dots) > click Settings

2. In the Settings editor > click Peer-to-Peer > click to Toggle on

When Peer-to-Peer is toggled on, you will be able to further configure fundraiser sign up settings as well as activate team fundraising.

Peer-to-Peer Signup Settings

Default fundraiser goal

Configure that suggested goal amount displayed during fundraiser signup. The fundraiser can edit their goal.

Contact fields

The following fields can be Required, Optional, or Hidden. We generally suggest optional.

  • Fundraiser phone number

  • Fundraiser address

  • Fundraiser gender

  • Fundraiser date of birth

Fundraiser Signup Questions

You can add Custom Questions to the fundraiser sign up flow.

Enable Team Page Creation

When toggled on, fundraisers will be able to create new Teams.

If teams exist within this campaign already, toggling this off will have the following behavior:

  • Existing Teams will remain functional

  • Fundraisers will still be able to join existing Teams

  • No new teams will be able to be created

What happens when Peer-to-peer is toggled on?

When Peer-to-Peer fundraising is activated on your campaign site, you will see and be able to configure many new site features.

New fundraising buttons in many sections
In almost every place where a donate button exists, peer-to-peer activation adds start fundraising buttons that can be configured per section. Start fundraising buttons link to the fundraiser signup page.

New pages added to your site
When Peer-to-Peer is activated, you'll have access to view and edit several new pages in the Site Editor. These additional pages are critical for Peer-to-Peer fundraising and will need to be designed like the rest of your site.

Links to the Search and Login pages will be added to your Campaign Site Top Navigation as well.

Pages added with Peer-to-Peer is activated:


On this page, visitors can search fundraisers or teams with a search bar and an infinite scroll of all the active fundraising pages on this site.


This is the page where fundraisers will login. This page design is also used for the fundraiser sign up.


This is the page design for your individual fundraisers and teams.

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