You can enable peer-to-peer fundraising pages on any Campaign Site!

To access Peer-to-Peer Settings:

1. On the campaign site's Settings tab, scroll down to the "Enable Peer-to-Peer Pages" card.

2. Toggle ON "Enable Peer-to-Peer Pages" to activate and reveal the settings.


Peer-to-Peer Settings Options

1. Default Fundraiser goal: This is an optional setting. You can use it to set the fundraiser's default goal at sign up. The fundraiser will still be able to set their own goal even if you've made a default. 

3. Fundraiser Questions: You can make any of the 4 Fundraiser Questions Required, Optional, or Hidden. We suggestion "Optional". 

4. Enable Team Page Creation: Toggle this on to allow fundraisers to start new teams. If teams exist within this campaign before you toggle this off, the teams will remain, fundraisers will be able to join those teams, but no new teams will be able to be created.


What happens when Peer-to-peer is toggled on?

New buttons in the Design Editor.
Anywhere in your site that you can place a donation button, you can now place a "Start Fundraising" button! These buttons will open the fundraiser sign up form enabling users to create their own personal pages. 

New pages in the Design editor.
You'll see several new pages on your site. These additional pages will need to be designed like the rest of your site. The pages help create a friendly fundraising environment and community. 

1. Search (Fundraisers Wall)

A wall of fundraiser pages to see the community and search for a page. You can edit the background image and colors of the elements on this page.

2. Login / Sign-up
The Sign-up form is technically a pop-up form, but you can style how that looks from the "Login/Signup" page. 

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