1. Campaign Site: Jump to the settings page for any of your Campaign Sites by clicking on the Campaign Site title.

2. New Campaign Site: Click the “New Campaign Site" button to create a new site.

3. Status: A site can either be Live or Archived. To view an archived site, click on the top Actions menu and select "View Archived Campaign Site

4. Raised: The total amount that has been raised on this Campaign Site. Donations towards this amount can be made online and offline.

5. Donors: The total count of donors who have made a contribution to this campaign.

6. Goal: The progress of this campaign based on your campaign goal set in settings and total amount raised.

7. Actions Menu: You can "View Site", "Edit Site" and "Archive Site" by navigating to the Actions menu on each of the Campaign Site cards.

8. Archive Site (Actions Menu): This will archive and delete your campaign. Once you archive a campaign site, it can not be revived.  When you archive a Campaign Site, that site and the URL will no longer be active.

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