Campaign Sites have a universal navigation bar that is visible on all pages. You can configure the design and content in the navigation.

To edit the site navigation:

1. Hover over the site navigation to reveal the editing options > click any option

2. Configure navigation settings > click Save

Navigation settings options


  • Logo
  • Text Logo
  • Navigation background color
  • Navigation text color
  • Make navigation sticky

Make navigation sticky will lock the navigation bar to the top of browser window as the page is scrolled.


Here you can edit the donate and start fundraising buttons.

Custom Links

If you've created Custom Pages, you can add them to your navigation.

If you only have one Custom Page link, it will appear as a text link. If you have more than one Custom Pages links, the items will be accessible in a dropdown menu. You can edit the title of the dropdown menu.

Social sharing

Learn more about Campaign Site social sharing settings.

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