To access the Progress Bar Editing Modal:

1. Roll your mouse over the progress area inside your Campaign Site Editor. This will reveal the section editing toolkit. Click on any tool to open the editing fly-out.

2. This opens the section editing fly-out. Here you can edit nearly every aspect of the progress bar.

Progress Bar editing tabs

There are 3 tabs on the progress bar editing fly-out: Design, Button, and Impact Tracking.

Design Controls

Customize the overall design of the progress bar area. Toggle ON and OFF the Progress Box Visibility & Donor Visibility to access the controls of each section. 

Button Controls

Completely customize the Donation Button & the Start Fundraising Button on the Progress Bar. Toggle ON and OFF the button visibility to access the controls of each section.

Tip for Success:
The donate button on the progress bar can also be used with a custom link to a page on your Campaign Site or an external link. Insert a valid URL here to cancel out the donation form and use a link. (You can also choose to open the link in a new tab by using the toggle titled, "Open link in new tab")

Impact Tracking Controls

Track your campaign progress by projects funded! Enter the cost and name for a particular project and automatically calculate the number of projects funded based on the total amount raised. 

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