Features in this article may not be included in every Funraise plan.

☝️ This article is for Funraise's Legacy Site editor and only applies to Sites created before February 8, 2021. View current Site articles.

The Campaign Site homepage, team page, and individual fundraiser page hosts a section that we call the "tabbed section". You can configure the design and visibility of the following items:

  • Campaign Story (text, photo or video, and buttons)

  • Updates (miniblog posts, most recent at top)

  • Recent activity

  • Top donors

You can only edit this section from the Homepage.

To edit the tabbed section:

1. Hover over the tabbed section to reveal the edit options > click any option

2. Configure settings > click Save

Tabbed section settings:


Edit the titles, colors, and visibility of the each tab. If you toggle off all tabs, the tabbed section will not appear on your live site.

Campaign Story

Add text, image or video, and buttons. We suggesting adding a video and keeping the text in this section short.


Updates are "miniblogs" and can include text and an image or video. Updates are great if you have a long running campaign. You can also rename the the title of this tab, so if could be used creatively.

Donation activity feeds

The tabbed section can also display donation activity feeds.

Recent Activity

10 recent donors to your campaign

Top Donors

10 top donors to your campaign

☝️ If an anonymous donation is made, the donor name will appear as “Anonymous” on this feed.

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