Features in this article may not be included in every Funraise plan.

☝️ This article is for Funraise's Legacy Site editor and only applies to Sites created before February 8, 2021. View current Site articles.

Updates are "miniblogs" that can appear in the tabbed section and can include text and an image or video. Updates are helpful to keep your Campaign Site fresh new content if you have a long running campaign.

You can also rename the the title of this tab, so it could be used to host any content.

☝️Updates can only be added in the editor from the site homepage.

Example update post:

To create an Update:

1. Hover over the tabbed section to reveal the edit options > click Updates

2. Click New Update

2. Configure your Update > click Save

Update settings


The title of your update will appear at the top of the post

Show Date with Update

Choose no date or with date

Image or Video

Upload an image or add a video. A video link will override an image.

Text Editor

Add and style text content.

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