Your campaign site includes a miniblog that we call “Updates.”  You can include text, images, and videos in your updates. Updates can also contain custom HTML.

To access Updates:

1. In the campaign site editor, hover your mouse over the Tabbed Section to reveal the Tabbed Section Editing toolkit. Click “Updates" to open the Updates Management fly-out.

2. Click "New Update" to create an update.

There are several parts to creating a new Update:

1. Title: The title of your update will appear at the top of the post.

2. Show Date with Update: Choose "no date" or "with date".

3. Image or Video: Upload an image for this update or insert a video embed link from Youtube or Vimeo (a video link will override an image).

4. Text Editor: Enter your update content in the text editor. Advanced users can access the HTML editor for an update by clicking “HTML Editor” in the lower right corner of this modal.

Pro Tip:

  • You can edit or delete an Update by accessing the Actions menu on the Updates tab.
  • For Updates to appear on the Tabbed Section of your homepage, you’ll need to toggle ON Updates from the Design tab.

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