👫 Fundraising is personal and built on relationships. 

A supporter portfolio is a customized list of supporters that is assigned to you or to any member of your team.

To Access your Portfolio:

  1. From the Supporters section, click My Portfolio.

To Assign Supporters to a Portfolio:

There are several ways to assign a supporter to your portfolio (OR assign to another team member's portfolio)

1. From a Supporter List, navigate to the "Assigned To" dropdown menu on any supporter card.

2. From the Supporter Profile, click Contact, and then select an assignment from the Supporter Assignment card. 

To unassign or remove a supporter from your portfolio, follow the steps above, but select "Unassign" in the assignment dropdown.

✨ You can also automatically assign supporters to a portfolio based on the types of transactions they make! Learn how to create a Task Automation! It's pretty magical. ✨

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