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Understanding your supporter wealth data

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Supporter Wealth Screening has been deactivated until further notice.

Features in this article may not be included in every Funraise plan.

Wealth screening is a great way to learn more about your supporter's capacity to give. Most supporters will never give at their full capacity online or if it is their first time giving to your organization. The wealth data that is found on your supporters is a great starting point for creating strategy around supporter cultivation and prioritizing the supporters you should be spending more time with. Below are the five data points we surface on the supporter profile if a successful match is found.

1. Net Worth
This data is found through a combination of public stocks, business / corporate, private foundations, real estate, pensions as well as income.

Wealth Ranges:

2. Propensity to Give (P2G)
This data is represented by a score to assess an individual’s means to give and the inclination to do so. It is based on exact household matches, overall wealth and financial ability. You can learn more about P2G scoring here

3. Gift Capacity
The amount a prospect can afford to give to all nonprofits over five years. The Estimated Giving Capacity is the industry standard that an individual will contribute 2% off their net worth per year to charity. 

Capacity Ranges:

4. Total Income
The total amount a prospect or household brings in on an annual basis. 

Income Ranges:

5. Real-Estate Value
This is the total value of a prospects property using the LexisNexis Real-Estate database.

Value Ranges:

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