You might want to display a progress bar on your website for a particular giving form. Simply supply the API with the ID of the giving form in question, along with your organization ID. You can find this information in your form embed code.

Base URL

Use the base url:
GET /api/v1/public/form/<formId>?apiKey=<Your OrganizationId>


formId – The numeric ID of the form, you can find this in your form embed code

apiKey – your apiKey, you can use your organization ID for this value, this can also be found in the form embed code.



donationCount – the number of donations that belong to this form

goal – the goal amount for this form

percentGoal – the percent of the goal reached

donationTotal – the total amount in USD of donations that belong to this form

lastTransaction – the date of the most recent transaction that belongs to this form

onetimeCount – number of donations that are one-time donations

donorCount – number of unique donors that have made donations to this form

name – the name of the form

Example API Call:


      "name":"Baby Lisa Gift"

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