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☝️ This article is for Funraise's Legacy Site editor and only applies to Sites created before February 8, 2021. View current Site articles.

You can start your Campaign Site design with a template. There are templates for donation pages, crowdfunding pages, and peer-to-peer websites. Templates are meant to be a starting off point for your design process - your images, videos, and content will bring the campaign to life.

View Campaign Site Templates

⚠️Be aware: A template change will replace the content and style for your entire site. If you change your site template after you have added content you will loose your content.

To select a Campaign Site template:

1. From the Site Editor > click Site Action (3 dots) > click Replace Site with Template

2. Click Select Template

3. Select a template from the list

4. Click Save

☝️You can also use a previous site you've designed as a template. From the same site actions menu, click Replace Site with Existing Site

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