First, no stress. In 99.999% of cases, if your Campaign Site is not appearing or is not showing updates you have made, there is a simple solution. If one of these solutions below doesn’t solve your problem, the Funraise team would be happy to help!


Before you pull your hair out, try this:

Wait 15-30 minutes

Some aspects of  your creation and site design process may not be seen live immediately. When you create a new campaign site it can take 15-30 minutes for your site to appear live.

Why the wait? In the internet world, some things are still slow. Although, we’ve dramatically reduced the time it usually takes to set up a new URL, it still takes some time for servers to get ready to serve your Campaign Site at lightning fast speeds around the world and to set up free SSL secured URL.

After your initial site creation appears live, many edits can be seen immediately, but some may still take 15-30 mins to appear.


Clear you browser cache

What is the browser cache? A web cache is an information technology for the temporary storage of web documents, such as HTML pages and images, to reduce bandwidth usage, server load, and perceived lag.

This means site design settings may be cached and this may be why your changes are not appearing on your live site. Keep in mind if you are the editor of the site, you will likely view the live site many times and there will be a greater chance that you have a previous design setting cached. 

The quickest way to see if the browser cache is the cause of your display issue is to open your Campaign Site in a private or incognito browser window. A private browsing window will display your site without a cache.

You can also entirely clear you browser cache from your browsers settings.

Clear Chrome cache

Clear Firefox cache

Clear Safari cache

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