Export a Transaction List

How to export a list of transactions to a CSV file

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From the Transaction section, you can export a list of transactions to CSV. The export will reflect the filters you have applied. The export file will be sent to you via email.

From Transactions > Click table actions menu (3 dots) > Select Export CSV

The export CSV will compile and you'll be sent a link by email to download the file. This email is usually sent quickly, but can sometimes take up to 15 minutes.

10,000 records is the limit for a single export
Exports of Transactions are limited to 10,000 records at a time. To export more than 10,000 records you'll need to further segment your list or export from Fundraising Intelligence.

Exportable Transaction fields

Listed alphabetically. Learn more about configuring the fields in the export file.

  • Address

  • Allocation

  • Allocation Id

  • Amount

  • Anonymous

  • Campaign Page Id

  • Card Type

  • Check Number

  • City

  • Comment

  • Company Match

  • Country

  • Currency

  • Dedication

  • Dedication Email

  • Dedication Message

  • Dedication Name

  • Dedication Type

  • Donation Date

  • Expiration Date

  • Form

  • Form Name

  • Frequency

  • Gateway Response

  • Household

  • Household Name

  • Id (Funraise Id)

  • Import External Id

  • In-Kind Description

  • Last Four

  • Memo

  • Name

  • Note

  • Offline

  • Operations Tip Amount

  • Page Goal

  • Page URL

  • Payment Method

  • Phone

  • Platform Fee Amount

  • Platform Fee Collected

  • Platform Fee Percent

  • Postal Code

  • Recurring

  • Recurring ID

  • Recurring Sequence

  • Soft Credit

  • Soft Credit Supporter Email

  • Soft Credit Supporter Name

  • Source Amount

  • State/Province

  • Status

  • Supporter

  • Supporter Email

  • Supporter First Name

  • Supporter Institution Category

  • Supporter Institution Name

  • Supporter Last Name

  • Tags

  • Tax Deductible Amount

  • Transaction Id (Payment processor's transaction Id)

  • URL

  • UTM Campaign

  • UTM Content

  • UTM Medium

  • UTM Source

  • UTM Term

Inactive fields

Inactive fields are fields that are no longer being populated in Funraise but may have historic data.

  • Gift Capacity

  • Net Worth

  • Propensity To Give

  • Real Estate Value

  • Total Income

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