There are two custom body areas on your homepage - the main body section & the bottom body section.

To access the Custom Body Editing Modals:

1. Inside the Campaign Site Editor, roll your mouse over the custom body areas to reveal the section editing toolkit

2. Click on either DESIGN or CONTENT to open up the section editing toolkit.

Custom Body Editing Tabs

There are 2 tabs on the custom body section editing toolkit - Design Controls & Content Controls.

Design Controls

Custom section visibility: Toggle ON this section to customize the overall design of the custom body section (remember: These sections are optional and only there for you if you need them).

1. Background Image: Upload a background image (A background image will override a background color selection).

2. Banner background color: It’s a good idea to set a background color that is close to your image or brand color. With a slow internet connection, the background color may appear quickly before an image fully loads.

3. Text/HTML Container Width: This is the width of the Text/HTML container. While your background image is always full width, the text container can be sized to meet your needs. It’s generally best to use “Max Width 1170px” unless you are working with your own custom HTML. 

4. Text/HTML Content box width: This may seem confusing, but it’s common web layout strategy. Think of it like this: The CONTENT is inside the CONTAINER. Your container can either extend full-width or max out at 1170px

5. Media Vertical + Horizontal alignment: Control the vertical & horizontal alignment of your background image. These settings can be used together to keep a particular part of your image in view for different screen sizes.

7. Top Padding + Bottom Padding: Add padding to the top & bottom of the Text/HTML container.

Content Controls

Customize the custom body area with your own text or images. Advanced users can customize body sections with their own HTML.

WSYWIG Editor: Use the WSYWIG Editor to style and customize your text. This works similar to formatting text in a word document. You can add images & links to this editor! 

HTML Editor: For maximum control of your design, you can access the HTML editor at the bottom left of this modal, click “HTML Editor” to switch editing modes.

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