Why Campaign Sites?

If you're a nonprofit, you have goals to accomplish, and you need funding to make it happen. That is why we created Campaign Sites! 

Campaign Sites enable you to rally and focus your supporters around a specific project or goal. You’ll be able to communicate why you are fundraising, collect donations directly on your Campaign Site, and even track the progress towards you goal.

But wait, I already have a website.

Yes! Your main website is one of your most important communication tools, but there are often numerous pages that can distract from a particular urgent need. For example, a team page or blog post are great content to build trust with supporters, but these pages are not communicating a specific goal to drive donations. That’s what a Campaign Site is for.

A Campaign Site is a stand alone site that exists on the Internet. You can point your supporters to this site and use it to collect donations and track progress.

What do you need to start?

1. Logo, brand colors, and general communication content to reference. Your campaign site should always reflect your organization’s brand, this encourages trust with donors and produces an experience that drives donations. Your supporters love you and believe in your mission, make sure they know immediately that this is your Campaign Site when they see it.

2. Gather images or videos that communicate the urgency or impact of your goal.

3. Plan your strategy. There are countless ways to communicate and reach your unique goal, but if you don’t know where to start, we suggest using what we call the WHY, WHAT, HOW Model.


Why should a supporter care about about this goal? Why are you focused on funding and completing this project? 

Try this: Phrase your “Why” as a “We Believe” statement. For example, “We believe every child deserves access to effective education.”


What is the project? What will the funds be used for? 

Try this: Phrase your “What” as a “We Want To” statement. For example, “We want to provide 100 students around the world with the books and materials they need to succeed this year.”


How will my donation help? 

Try this: Phrase your “How” as a “You Can Provide” statement. For example, “You can provide a scholarship to a student in need. A gift of $50 can cover the cost of books and school supplies for one child this year.”

Now, let’s communicate that strategy with a Campaign Site.

Use your “Why” as the headline and choose an image that can immediately engage a viewer.

It’s true, a picture is worth 1,000 words. If you can create an emotional connection between your supporters and your “Why”, you’ve got the hardest part of fundraising down! Donors give because their donation is creating a world they believe in.

Use your “What” and “How” in the campaign story box.

With the campaign story box you can quickly communicate exactly what you are fundraising for. Use an image that can clearly communicate the impact of this donation. Keep in mind, images don’t always have to be literal. In this example, you could show the books and supplies that a scholarship provides. Or you can concentrate on the impact by showing a student who has already received a scholarship.

All together now…

Now give it a try!

There are thousands of ways to run a successful fundraising campaign and we hope the WHY, WHAT, HOW Model can spark a new idea for your strategy. Have fun and as always, let us know how we can help!

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