If you are just getting started with Tasks, take a look at this video!

☝️ IMPORTANT: Before you create a Task, you must first create a saved report of donations (transactions list). Once you save a list of donations, you can then create task automation from that list. Think of it like this: each time a new donation enters that specific list, you can receive a task!

1) To access your Automated Tasks, click Tasks in the Sidebar menu.

2) Click New Tasks Automation

3) Select the settings for your new Task Automation and click Create Automation.

Settings for Task Automations

When a transaction enters this list
Select the Saved Donation List you want to add a task automation to.

Create a task for
Select the team member who should receive this task.

Response type
Select the appropriate donor follow up for this task: Phone, Email, In person meeting, Attend event, Thank, Follow up, Share impact report, Other.

Select task color
Select a color for this task. This is helpful to keep things organized (and pretty)!

Brief instructions
In some cases, you may want to add a short note with this task for reference. These instruction can be accessed at anytime in the future.

Expert Options

Force assign a donor based on this task
When donor makes a donation associated with this task, they will be forced assigned to the team member selected above. This is a great way to automatically assign donors to portfolios based on the actions they take! 

Create interactions after tasks are complete
When a task is completed, it will appear in the interaction history on the donor profile. This is a great way to keep a record of each interaction you've had with a donor!

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