Howdy, friends! Our latest update, Funraise 1.8.0, is live. This update includes several features you'll see on the platform today as well as some very exciting beta features that are being tested by our beta partner organizations! Once the testing for these features is complete and kinks are worked out we'll launch these to everyone.

What's new in 1.8.0

Supporter Email History Chart
Want to know if a Supporter is reading the emails you sent through Funraise? Now you can! On each Supporter's profile, you'll see a new chart that lists the emails a Supporter has received as well as whether or not each email has been opened or clicked. Currently, email tracking is per Supporter, but we're working towards tracking and viewing email performance across all Supporters.

Learn about Email History here →

CRM Filtering & Exporting Enhancements
A big Thank You to several organizations who requested specific enhancements to filtering and CSV exports! You can now filter your Supporters by Gender, Date of Birth, and City. Your Supporters export now includes Gender and Date of Birth, plus Last Donation Date. And lastly, your Donations CSV export now has a column for URL. Whoa!

BETA - ApplePay
Yup. We're super excited to announce Funraise Giving Forms can now transact donations through ApplePay, but note: this feature is currently in beta only. If you would like to be added to the waiting list, email your Success Manager! 

BETA - Online Pledges
Neat Thing Alert! We're partnering with the Prostate Cancer Foundation and Major League Baseball to build an online pledging tool that allows donors to pledge a set amount per home run during their two-week home run challenge. It should be fun. The online pledging feature that makes this fundraising strategy possible is in beta right now, but we'll let you know when it's available publicly.

Bug fixes & Performance Improvements

As always, we've squashed a good amount of bugs and inconsistencies. Improving your experience is our favorite. <3

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