You set up your Funraise Connect integration to Salesforce! Congrats! 

Now, all you need to do is tell Salesforce that you'd like to see those Funraise Donations (Opportunities) populate on the Contact Record. 

First, log into Salesforce and click on "edit layout" on any contact record in your database as shown in the picture below: 

Next, you will be taken to the layout of a the contact record. Choose Funraise Donations from the Related Lists Options as shown below

Click on the wrench icon (properties) of Funraise Donations. This will allow you to choose the fields you want to display. We recommend choosing Opportunity Name; Amount;  Stage ( failed, pending, etc.); and Close Date. 

Once you have chosen the above options, be sure to click save and these opportunities will populate on each of your contact records like this: 


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