Funraise Reader allows you to collect credit card donations in person using a card reader connected to the Funraise platform. A swiped credit card donation will be treated in the same way as your online donations - an email receipt will be sent and donor information will be stored in the Funraise platform. The Funraise Reader card reader allows the user to easily switch between campaign site assignments and donations are captured and posted immediately, allowing your results to be displayed on the site in real time!

*NOTE: Funraise Reader is currently in closed beta. To find out if you qualify for the close beta group, please contact your Customer Success Manager. 

Setup (in Funraise)

Create a PayPal Here Account

  1. In your Funraise account, navigate to Settings > Integrations > Funraise Omni 
  2. Turn on the Funraise Reader integration and apply for a PayPal Here account
  3. If you already have a business PayPal Acccount, you will be asked to login to that account to complete PayPal Here Authentication 
  4. If you do not have a PayPal business account, you will be prompted to create one
  5. Once you have successfully applied for PayPal Here and your business PayPal account, the PayPal authentication screen you are on will say "connected." This means you are ALMOST ready to start accepting in person credit card donations
  6. Do not have PayPal send you a device as the FREE one they send will not work with our integration 

Setup (on your Android Device) 

Download the Funraise Reader Application on your device. Opt-in here to get started.

  1. Download the Funraise Reader application in the Play Store on your Android Device 
  2. Pair the bluetooth card reader to your device by swiping down on your screen to launch your bluetooth settings on your device (make sure card reader is turned on)
  3. Login to the Funraise Reader application (using your existing Funraise credentials) and activate the bluetooth device under settings to connect device 
  4. Navigate to the Donations tab and start swiping those card donations!!

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