MailChimp can be integrated with the Funraise platform directly from the Integrations tab under settings once you have contacted your Customer Success Manager to activate this feature.

What the integration does:

  • The integration will sync your supporters to a single list you identify in your MailChimp account. This is incredibly powerful because of the quality of data we're sending over to create segments in this list. 
  • The integration adds new custom fields to your MailChimp records, these are detailed below.
  • When a donation is made, a supporter is added or edited, or when a fundraiser signs up, a contact will be added (or a contact will be updated) in the list you identify when configuring the integration.

A few examples of what you can do with Funraise + MailChimp:

  • Automate new donor welcome streams, driven by amount of donation, or type of donation.
  • Automate retention drips, driven by last donation date.
  • Send mass emails to donors or fundraisers.
  • Segment supporters by Capacity to Give or total amount donated.

What data is sent to MailChimp from Funraise?

  • Donor Type (potential, recurring, one time, returning)
  • Institution Type
  • Postal Code
  • Country 
  • State
  • City
  • Donor Tags
  • Age
  • Gender
  • Net Worth 
  • Income
  • P2G Score
  • Gift Capacity 
  • Total Donated
  • Count Donated (number of donations)
  • Total Fundraised 
  • Count Fundraised 
  • Last Donated Date
  • First Donated Date
  • Is Fundraiser ( 1 = Fundraiser 0 = not a fundraiser)

When is a record updated?

  • When a donation occurs
  • A supporter is added or edited 
  • When a fundraiser signs up 
  • When a fundraiser receives a donation


  1. Ask your Customer Success Manager to activate the MailChimp integration in your account.

2. Inside MailChimp: Create an API key in MailChimp by Clicking Account > Extras > API Keys


Inside MailChimp: Create a new list and copy the List ID string (Found in the settings of that List). 

Inside Funraise: Once you have the two values from the steps above (API Key and List ID) you can paste them into the integration settings. To access integrations: Click Integrations in the Topbar Gear Icon > Scroll to MailChimp and click Settings

That's it!
Once the settings are in place and the integration is turned on, Funraise communicates with MailChimp and adds custom fields to your contact records. We suggest getting started by creating a few segments in this list that can start populating when donation and fundraising activity occurs! Have fun and let us know what YOU create!  👍 And don't forget... Mailchimp offers a nonprofit discount.

The image below shows the new fields that will be added to your contacts in MailChimp.


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