Soooo, what is a gateway?

Gateways are the middle man (or woman 💁) between your donor's bank and your bank. When a donation is made, your gateway will withdraw the money from your donor's account and deposit the money into your bank account. It's a little more complicated than that, but that's the reader's digest version.


If you DON'T have a gateway...

We suggest Stripe for several reasons, but the most appealing reason is their discounted rate for nonprofits. You can sign up with Stripe for free today. You will connect your bank account with Stripe and donations will be deposited into your bank account immediately(ish). Once you create a stripe account, you can follow these steps to add it to Funraise.


If you DO have a gateway...

You can connect it directly with Funraise. Funraise is different when it comes to gateways. You can add multiple gateways at once and control the ordering of your gateways which provides increased flexibility in advanced strategies. Learn about using multiple gateways and gateway ordering.

If you don't see your gateway on the list, let us know and we can likely add it!

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