Funraise is built different by design. Your platform can work with as many gateways as you need for your strategy.

In addition to major payment gateways like Stripe, which is used for processing credit cards, you can also add alternative payment gateways like Bitpay or PayPal. This allows your donation forms to collect the payment methods your donors prefer and keeps all your donation and donor data in one place.


1. To access your gateways, click "Account" in the gear dropdown, and then click "Gateways" in the top nav bar.

What can you do on your gateways page?

  • Add a new gateway
  • Reorder your gateways
  • Delete / remove a gatway

Does the order of gateways matter?

Yes, very much. The order of your gateways is crucial to how your donation forms will attempt to process donations. Gateway ordering enables you to take control of how your donations are processed and opens up your donation forms to do some really advanced things like internationalizing donation forms.

In a nutshell, the order of your gateways is the order your donation form will attempt to transact the donation. As soon as a gateway is found that meets the requirements of the request, that gateway will be used. For example, if a donor donates with Bitcoin, the donations form will run down the list of gateways to find the FIRST gateway that can transact the Bitcoin donation.

In most cases, you'll just want to follow this rule:

Keep the gateway you want to transact credit card donations with at the TOP of your gateway list, followed by Paypal, and then Bitcoin.

KEEP IN MIND: Paypal will attempt to process credit cards, so if you are using the Paypal integration (not the gateway PayFlow Pro) make sure that Paypal is ordered BELOW your credit card gateway.


Common gateway connections:

Connect Stripe
Connect Paypal

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