Add a soft credit to any donation from the Donation Profile.

What are soft credits?

Soft credits are another way to report on the real value of your supporter relationships by accounting for the person who "brought in" this donation. For example, let's say one of your board member's introduces your organization to their network and brings in a new donation. Woohoo for active board members!

Although this new donation was transacted by a new donor, it was really inspired by a supporter who you've built trust with by investing in the relationship. It's important to keep track of these types of network connections and relationships because it provides a better report of where donations actually come from. It's a great idea to report back to "soft credited" supporters with a yearly sum of donations that they have inspired. Fundraising is personal and soft credits allow you to track the human side of fundraising.

A few tips to understand soft credits:

  • A soft credit is applied to a donation.
  • You can apply a soft credit to ANY donation from the donation profile.
  • You can also add a soft credit when entering an offline donation.
  • A donation can only have ONE soft credit at a time.
  • A supporter can be "soft credited" on many donations.
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