If you're a current Funraise customer, this is how you can use the Wealth Screening service within the platform.

If you're not yet a Funraise customer, the instructions below will help you to submit your donor data for wealth screening.

Choose a list of your US-based donors that you’d like to have wealth screening information for. Wealth screening data is not available for international donors at this time.

Upload their data using a CSV file. You can use our easy template or simply create a CSV file with the columns in the following order.

  1. First Name
  2. Last Name
  3. Address
  4. City
  5. State (2 letter state codes only. Ex: AL, AK, CA, WA, etc.)
  6. Postal Code

Each row should have a single donor's information on it and look something like this. 

Please include your organization name in the file name. Your file should be named something like your_organization_name.csv

When your donor CSV is ready, please attach to the online form (received via invitation URL) or email the file to cj@funraise.io.

How do I interpret the information that I receive in the Wealth Screening file?
See this article about each data point, what it means, and how to integrate it into your giving campaigns.

*Wealth Screening offer is by invitation only and organizations wishing to redeem a voucher/code for this service are subject to review and qualification.
*Maximums may apply
*The maximum number of screenings is applied per organization, not submission

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