You can save dynamic lists of supporters for easy reporting and progress tracking. Once you create your segment with your desired filters, you can save the list - Now you, or anyone on your team, will be able to access that list.

To save a supporter list, you'll first add your desired filters. From a filtered supporter report: Click Actions > and select Save List

To access your new list: Click Saved Donor Lists in the Top bar menu.

Saved Lists are dynamic!

That means your list is based on the filters you set, and the number of supporters in a list can change with supporter activity. This is incredibly helpful for reporting and goal tracking. 

Saved supporter lists ideas we 💖

  • Donors who have not given this year (Churn report) - What's great about this list is the clear goal. If there are 100 donors on this list, your job is to get that number of donors to go down!
  • Returning Donors - Returning donors are your best candidates for a new recurring sign ups. This list is very actionable because as soon as someone joins it, you'll know it's time to ask them to become a recurring donor!
  • Donors in California - It's true your donors may give online, but when it's time for your annual Gala or local event, make sure you are communicating with donors who may live in the area!
  • New Donors this week - Quick and personal follow up will win mega kudos with your new donors. Make sure you reach out with a personal thank you within the first week of a donors first ever donation! 
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