The process for a Historical Data Migration is simple, but takes some patience and data organization on your end. 😃


1. Download the historical data migration template.


2. Structure your data.

  • Structure your data by donations. Enter each donation record you want to see in Funraise. If you have multiple donations from a single donor, include each donation.
  • BE PRECISE - We've yet to see a perfect migration template the first try, but we know it's possible! Will YOU be the first? But seriously, this is data that will power your Funraise features so it is crucial that it is entered exactly as the example shows. If you have any questions about structuring your data, don't hesitate to ask!
  • Every donation MUST have a value in the "Form" column. Form refers to the name of the giving form the donation is attributed to. You can be as general (General Donations) or specific (Fall Campaign 2015) as you'd like. 
  • Every donation MUST have an email address or physical address.
  • It is not required to provide a value for each column, but you'll want to enter all the information you have. The more data in your platform - the more we can make it dance. 💃

VALID VALUES for each column:

  • Transaction ID: 
  • Amount: Number, e.g., "500.00"
  • Form: Any value, e.g., "General Donations"
  • Type: "One Time" "Recurring" "Offline"
  • Transaction Date: MM/DD/YY, e.g., "01/26/17"
  • Tags: Any value. Learn more about tags.
  • First Name: Any value, e.g., "John"
  • Last Name: Any value, e.g., "Smith"
  • Email: Any value, e.g., ""
  • Phone: Any value, e.g., "123-555-1234"
  • Address line 1: Any value, e.g., "123 Love Dr"
  • Address line 2: Any value, e.g., "Apt 10A"
  • City: Any value, e.g., "Costa Mesa"
  • State/Province: Any value, e.g., CA
  • Postal Code: Any value, e.g., "90501"
  • Country: Any value, e.g., "USA"
  • Institution Category: "Individual" "Foundation" "Church" "Corporation" "Government" "Donor Advised Fund" "Other"
  • Institution Name: Any value, e.g., "Smith Industries"
  • Notes: Any value, e.g., "This donors needs follow-up."
  • Anonymous: "TRUE" "FALSE" (or - leave blank for false)
  • Transaction ID: Any value, e.g., "Donation-789"
  • Check Number: Numbers, e.g., "1234"
  • Card Type: Here you can specify the payment method:"VISA" "MASTERCARD" "AMEX" "PAYPAL" "BITCOIN" "CHECK"
  • Donor External Id: Any value, e.g., "Donor-789". Value must be unique for each donor. Use this to manage donors who are also in another system. 

😎 Cool trick!  To migrate a "donor" without any real donations, set the donation amount to "0". This will bring in the donor on that row and will ignore any donation-specific fields. You do not need a value in the "Form" column for this trick. 


3. Send us your completed migration template.

Email the the completed .CSV to your Organization Ambassador. It can take up to 4-8 weeks to review and migrate your data. 

  • If edits are needed, we will respond with instructions.
  • We can wealth screen your donors during the migration process as well, so be sure to let us know if you would like this! We recommend it. There are fees associated with wealth screening, just let us know if you have any questions.


4. Sit back and relax, knowing your data is happy to be where it belongs, working together forever inside your Funraise platform. 

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