When you have duplicate profiles for the same donor, you can merge them together using the donor merge tool located on the donor profile. 


1. To merge donors, navigate to the "Contact" tab of the donor profile. At the the bottom of this page, click "Donor Merge"


2. Search for a donor to merge onto this profile, and click "Merge Donor"

Data from the donor selected will be merged onto the profile. 

  • Donations and Interactions will be merged. 
  • Contact information is unaffected on the profile you are merging onto.
  • Contact Information from the merged profile will be lost.
  • A recurring subscription on the donor profile you are merging onto will not be affected, but...
  • Be aware:  if a recurring subscription exists with the merged profile, it will be cancelled.
  • In addition, any pending campaign emails targeting the merged profile will be cancelled.

Why are there two donor profiles for the same person?
Sometimes our donors like to trick us and make a new donation with a NEW email address. When this happens, that new donation will be created under a new donor. To Funraise, the new email address means it's a new donor. 

Does it matter if there are two profiles for one donor?
The world will not come to an end, but you usually want each donor to be unique and all their donations accounted for under one profile. Some funky things can happen when you have duplicate donors. It's a common issue faced by database managers and that is why we created this simple merge tool!

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