From your supporter management section, you can add a variety of filters built specifically for nonprofit fundraising relationships. Use filters to create segments and reporting. 

The total count of donors and dollar amount to the left of your filters is calculating based off the filters you have applied.

1. To add a filter, click + add filter.

2. Click Filter by and select the type of filter you want to apply. Enter your filter parameters and then click Apply.

A few example segments you can easily create with filters:

  • Donors who have given over $500
  • Donors who have not given this year
  • Recurring donors with over 12 recurrences
  • Donors with a Net Wealth over $500K
  • Returning Donors with 2 donations
  • Donors assigned to you
  • New Donors this month

Supporter Filters:

  • Supporter First Name
  • Supporter Last Name
  • Institution Category
  • Institution Name
  • Email¬†
  • Postal Code
  • Phone
  • Country
  • State
  • Net Worth
  • Notes
  • Capacity to Give
  • Email Opt Out
  • Supporter Type
  • Total Amount Donated
  • Transaction Count
  • Total Soft Credit Amount
  • Total Soft Credit Count
  • Last Donation Magic Date
  • Last Donation Date
  • First Donation Magic Date
  • First Donation Date
  • Imported
  • Assigned To
  • Tag
  • Fundraiser
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