Anytime you communicate with your donors you should keep a record of it. Remembering to ask about your donor's dog, Rover, could be the personal touch needed to close the next donation.

You can add interactions on the donor's full profile.


1. From the donor's profile, click "Interactions" in the top navigation


2. Click "Add New"


3. Enter interaction details and click "Save"

Types of interactions:

  • Phone
  • Email
  • In person meeting
  • Attend event
  • Thank
  • Follow up
  • Share impact report
  • Other

From the interactions page, you can also assign this donor to yourself or a member of the your team. When you assign a donor, they will appear in your portfolio.

You can also enter a general note. This is a helpful space to include any information that you always want to remember when speaking with this donor. For example, "Ralph just got a dog, his name is Rover."

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