You can save a dynamic list of donations for easy reporting and progress tracking. Once you create your segment with your desired filters, you can save the list - Now you, or anyone on your team, will be able to access that list.

1. To save a donation report, you'll first add your desired filters.

2. From a donation report, Click Actions and select Save List.

Make sure you give your list a name that is clear to other members of your team!

3. Access your new list by clicking Saved Donor Lists in the Top bar menu.

Saved Lists are dynamic!

That means your list is based on the filters you set, and the number of donors in a list can change with donation activity. This is incredibly helpful for reporting and goal tracking. 

Now, let's automate this report!

You can be notified each time a new donation enters this list! We call these Automated Tasks. It's donor management, turned up to eleven.

Saved Donation Lists ideas we 💖

  • Donations over $500 - It's always a good idea to have a few list that are based on the amount of a donation. This will enable you to create a task automation to automatically assign donors to a portfolio based on a donation amount!
  • Failed Donations - Well actually, we don't love this list, but it is very helpful! If a donation is on this list, you'll want to follow up with the donor. 
  • Donations by URL - Want to see how your newest campaign page is performing? Just create a report filtered by the URL of the page!
  • Donations by Allocation - See where donors are allocating their gifts and manage project specific funding.
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