What is a donation pledge?

A donation pledge is a method of accounting for a donation that has been promised for the future. Pledges could come from:

  1. Foundation / Institutional / Large Donations - Donation pledges are often larger amounts from individuals, institutions, or foundations. Because these larger amounts often require some logistics to actually move the funds, the time between the pledge and the transaction can lead to accounting woes if not handled with a proper pledge mark at the time of pledge.
  2. Events - Pledges are often made at Gala events. In these cases, the pledge tool enables your team to follow up and with donors and keep outstanding pledges tracked and organized.

Create a donation pledge

A pledge is a special variation of an offline donation. From the offline donation page: Enter the information for this pledge as if it were a donation. Include the Amount, Date (of the pledge), Form, and Donor information. Now, just click the box that says "This is a pledge." 

Mark a pledge as received

To mark a pledge as received: Access the Donation Profile > Click Actions > And click Mark as Received. 

You can then mark the pledge as not received again by clicking Actions > Mark as Pledge.

You can also mark any offline donation as a pledge or as a received pledge by editing an offline donation. 💁

Send an email receipt for a received pledge

When you create a pledge or mark a pledge as received, the donation receipt email will not automatically send. You can manually send the donation receipt email for the received pledge at any time from the donation profile by clicking Actions > Resend Receipt.

Filter and search for donation pledges

  • Access your donations page > Filter by Pledge - equals - True
  • To find outstanding pledges, just add another filter of Status - equals - Pending
  • To find received pledges, filter by Status - equals - Complete

Create Pledge Saved Reports

We suggest saving a few pledge reports for tracking and automation. Creating a saved donation report for both "Pending Pledges" and "Received Pledges" will enable your team to track progress of follow-up.

Pro tip: Pledge Automated Tasks

Once you've created a saved list with pledges, you can create an automated task to follow-up with a pledge. Attaching an automated task to your "Pending Pledge" saved list will create a task each time a pledge is entered. 👍

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