Allocations are specific projects or funds. They are completely custom to your organization. For example, an organization focused on trees might use these allocations: Tree planting, Urban gardens, and Rainforest. The allocation titles should reflect how donations are used.

1) To add an allocation, click Transactions the Sidebar menu, then click Allocations in the Top bar menu.

2) Click Add New, enter the allocation title, and click Save.

3) You can also add a goal to this allocation by clicking Add goal.

Add allocations to a donation form.
Once you create an allocation, you can add the allocation to any donation form so that each donation through that form will count towards your allocation goal automatically! You can also add multiple allocations to a donation form and let your donors select their preference!

Operations Tips count as an allocation. If you activate and collect an operations tip through a donation form, it will appear as an allocation called "Operations Tip." You can only edit the goal of the Operations Tip allocation.

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