You can create a donation record for a donation that is not transacted through the donation form online. This is called an offline donation. Most commonly, offline donations are entered for all check and cash donations.

The purpose of an offline donation is for consistent reporting and follow up. It's smart to insert each check and cash donation into Funraise, just as if it had transacted on a form online. This will allow you to filter and report on all types of donations. 

There is NO FEE for an offline donation. You are only charged a transaction fee on donations that occur through your online donation forms.

  1. To add an offline donation, click Offline from the Sidebar menu. 

2. Enter all the required fields and click Enter Donation.

😎 TIP: If you enter an email address with an offline donation, you'll have an option to send a donation receipt just like an online donation! The receipt template will correspond to the form you select.

Required fields for an offline donation:

  • Amount
  • Date
  • Form
  • Donor First Name
  • Donor Last Name

Helpful tips:

  • Add a Soft Credit to connect another supporter to this donation.
  • Add a Page Goal to have this donation reflected on a campaign site goal.
  • Mark an offline donation as anonymous to keep offline donations anonymous on a campaign site.

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