Where to find the form embed code.

The V2 embed code is has three parts: The Funraise Aware Script, the Form Configuration Script, and the Launch Button. The placement of each of these items in the structure of your webpage is important.

If you do not have advanced code access, it is generally possible to paste the entire donation form embed code directly into the body a page.

1) Place the 'Funraise Embed Code' inside your website header. 

  • This script is the same for all Funraise embedded elements so it's a good idea to place this in the <head>  of your website.
  • Only load this script ONCE per page.
(function(f,u,n,r,a,i,s,e){var data=
uri:u,common:n,client:r,script:a};var scripts;var

2) Place the 'Funraise Form Code' inside your website header. 

  • This script configures a particular form. If this is a form that will be used on several pages, it's a good idea to place this script in your site <head>.
  • Only load this script ONCE per page.
window.funraise.push('create', {form: 12345});

3) Place the Launch Button code where you want it to appear on your website!

  • Place this code as many times as needed on a page.

<button data-formId="12345" style="background-color: #000000; color: 
#ffffff; font-size: 18px; margin: 10px auto; border-radius: 3px;
padding: 12px 35px; outline: none; border: none; cursor: pointer;
display: block;" type="button" aria-label=“Donate Now”>Donate

Example Page Structure

Single V2 form page structure
Multiple V2 form page structure

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