What's the difference between V1 and V2?

The Giving Form V2 is the newest version of the form. V2 introduces some neat enhancements we're pretty excited about, but V2 is a bit limited in this initial release. We figured the best way to help you decide what to use now is with a pros and cons list. Right now, we're working on the next iteration for V2 which will resolve the cons and even add a few more neat pros!


  • Faster - This form has a speedier delivery and more responsive donor experience that is quite pleasing.
  • Stronger - This form can handle whatever you throw at it.
  • More Fun - The user experience on V2 has been improved with subtle design and behavior enhancements to make giving easier and more delightful, see if you can tell what's new!


  • Less Flexible - V2 forms do not have editable parameters in the script. This means that you can not do custom things like translation, currencies, event handlers, etc. No worries though, you'll soon be able to do these advanced customizations with easy-to-use tools inside your editor (that's what the V2 form is built for).
  • Launcher Button CSS - In this iteration of the V2 embed code, you'll need to edit some inline CSS styles to change things like the color of your launcher button. It's very easy, but worth mentioning.

How to activate the V2 form

Inside your Giving Form editor, at the bottom of your Settings section, you'll see a toggle for "Advanced: Enable V2 Form". Turn this toggle on and press "Save". After you save this change, the editor will now build the V2 embed code. 

Be aware: If the V1 form code is placed on your website and you enable V2 in the form editor, you will need to update the embed code on your site anywhere this form code exists.

How to style the launcher button for a V2 Donation Form

You'll soon have the ability to edit the launcher button with user-friendly tools, but for now editing the style of launcher button will involve some basic inline CSS. By default your button includes styling inline - you can adjust the styles to meet your needs. Experiment with the button styles here.

What's next for the Giving Form?

There is a lot we've got in the pipeline for the form. Releasing this limited yet exciting V2 form will lay the ground work for some exciting larger features. Ticketing will be the next thing to appear on your V2 forms! 🎉 As well, what used to be done with advanced code, will now be easy to edit from inside the editor. Things like Google analytics and Facebook tracking, translation, currency, redirection, Event handlers, and more! Stay tuned folks.

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