There are many ways to customize the donation form to match your brand and strategy. Using these settings in unique and creative ways can make the Funraise form do some very cool things. 

You'll always want to make sure:

  • The amounts, payment method, and frequencies are what you want. 
  • The form is collecting the donor data you want (and that your gateway requires!) Address, etc. 


1. To reveal the form settings controls, click the "Settings" tab.

This will reveal many settings for the donation form.


Form Goal

This is the optional goal you can set for each form. The goal is not surfaced on the form or in any public place, unless you are using the Funraise API to do so. The goal is surfaced on your donation form management page.



A SUGGESTED amount enables you to select four donation amounts and provide donors with easy options for giving. You can also choose to "Prefill" one of the four amounts. Donors can override this prefill, but we suggest always preselecting an amount to give your donors a head start! With "Suggested" amounts selected, donors can also enter their own desired amount. 

A REQUIRED amount will enable you to set an exact amount for this form. Only use the "required" setting for a special occasion.  Required amounts are great for a subscription sign up form or an exact type of donation, like a ticket or a pledge collection. Donors can not enter their own amount or choose another, they will be forced to donate the "required amount."



You can enable a donor to select exactly how they want their donation used by adding allocations. You must first add allocations from your donations reporting section form them to appear in the donation form editor. Allocations are specific programs or projects that require funding. For example, an organization working with trees might have 3 allocations called, "Tree planting, City Gardens, and Rainforest" - These should reflect how the donation will be spent. 

Here's how allocations work on the donation form:

  • If only one allocation is selected, the allocation will be saved with each donation, but will not appear as a selection on the donation form.
  • If more than one allocation is selected, the selected allocations will appear on the donation form. A donor can select only one allocation with each donation.


Operations Tip

This is an optional and customizable "up-sell" on your donation form. With one-click, donors can increase their donation by a specific percentage to cover a specific cost. We call this an "operations tip". This is often used to help cover operations costs or use it to cover your credit card processing fees! 

  • Toggle ON the Operations Tip.
  • Enter the percentage of increase.
  • Enter the Tip Title
  • Enter optional hover text that will appear when a donor hovers over a the help tooltip. This is used to provide further clarification about the operations tip if needed.


Payment Options

Payment options for the donation form currently include: Credit card, Paypal, eCheck, and Bitcoin. Only the options that available from your gateway configurations will be selectable. If an option is not selectable, it means you don't have a gateway that can accept that payment method.

PayPal Redirect

When a donor selects Paypal, they will be directed to a PayPal screen to complete their transaction. After they complete the transaction on Paypal, you can enter a link for them to be redirected to. We suggest creating a simple "Thank You" page for your PayPal donors to come back to.



Donations forms can also sign up recurring donors. By selecting any frequency other than "One-Time" you'll enable donors to make their donation repeat, based on the frequency selected. The frequencies include: One-Time, Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly, and Yearly.

We suggest ALWAYS including "One-Time" and "Monthly" frequencies. 


Address and Phone

You can customize the way you collect the basic information about your donors. You can choose to require, make optional, or not to display the collection for both address and phone number. 

Keep in mind:

  • The more information you require, the longer it will take to complete a donation, and the less donors will convert.
  • Your information collection strategy should be built based on the needs of your donor follow-up strategies. 
  • Your gateway may require you to collect a full address to process donations.
  • Collecting a full address will increase the chances for a positive wealth screening match AND can go a long way to build a better donor database.



You can enable donors to "Dedicate" their donation. When a donor dedicates a donation, they will enter a name for the dedication and type of dedication. Donors can enter an email address and message for the person they wish to receive the dedication email. When a donation is dedicated, you'll see a note of it on the donation profile. 



Many donors prefer to make their donation anonymously and we suggest you give your donors this option! When a donor selects "Anonymous" their name will not be displayed publicly. Instead, we'll replace their name with "Anonymous."

When logged into Funraise backend, you'll be able to see the donor name and information like normal, as well as a note that the donor requested anonymity. 

🤓  Developers - if you are using the Funraise API to display donors -  it is your responsibility to make sure you DO NOT DISPLAY anonymous donors!


Company Match

To use this feature, you must activate the Donate Double Integration.

When a donor selects to have their donation matched, they will be required to enter their company name and their company email. The donation will transact in the normal amount and Donate Double will work behind the scenes to collect the matching donation. If the company approves the match, you will usually receive a check in the mail for this matching amount.



For advanced tracking you can add Donation Tags and Supporter Tags.

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