Funraise donation forms are designed to be embedded directly onto your website! This works just like embedding a youtube video. You'll simply create and edit your form then copy and paste the EMBED CODE into an html page editor.


Creating, designing, and editing the donation form is user friendly and requires no coding knowledge, BUT embedding the form onto your website requires basic HTML knowledge. In most cases, you can simply copy and paste the embed code into your page editor in Wordpress, Squarespace, or any other type of website builder you use. In advanced cases, web developers can do amazing things by customizing the donation form embed code, but that is not the focus of this article.

If you need help, we can help you get your first form set up on your website!


1. After you've entered and saved your form settings, click "Actions" and select "Copy Form Code"

2. Copy the code. Paste the code into an html editor - wherever you want the form to appear on your website!

By default the donation form button will appear wherever you've embedded the form. The donation form button will launch the full form. 

You'll only need to place this embed code on your site once! All future edits made inside the form editor will appear live on your embedded forms. 

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