Each donation form has a unique donation receipt email that is automatically sent to donors when they make a donation. This email serves as the tax donation receipt for your donors. It's also an opportunity to continue the donation experience by thanking the donor and personalizing your organization.


1. To reveal the donation form email settings, click the "Donation receipt email" tab.

This will reveal all the settings for the email that is sent to donors. Just like the donation form editor, the email is previewed live on the right side of your screen.



You'll want to make sure there is a logo added to your receipt. Brand consistency encourages donor trust!

Logo Link 

You can add a link to the logo image. We suggest using your homepage.



Add a subject line to this email. You'll want to make sure it's clear that this email is in response to their recent donation. What's a good subject line? Try, "Thank you for your donation!"


From Email

This is the email address that the receipt email will come from. You can select from any team member or Reply-to address you have entered in Settings.

Pro Tip - You might consider creating an organization email address specifically for donation automated communications. For example: donations@organization.org. Why? Although personal communication is important, when you are dealing with receipts and money amounts, professionalism is a good tact.


From Name

This is the name that the email will come from. For your donation receipt emails, it's usually best to use your full organization name and not a staff members name.



You can add designed text, images, and links to your donation receipt emails, but we strongly suggest using a short and personal thank you message. Remember: Your recurring donors will receive this email each time their donation recurs. You'll want to make sure the message is simple, short, and makes sense for recurring donors.

What's a good donation receipt email message?

  • Thank you for your generous donation! You are saving animals lives by sustaining our rescue and rehabilitation programs. We can only save these animals with the help of generous and caring people like you. Thank you.
  •  You can't thank a donor too much. 

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