Your donation form includes a basic customizable button to launch the form. This is the button that will appear on your page when you embed the form code. 

🤓  ADVANCED: Developers, you can use any html element (like a button, image, or text) to target the form. You'll need to place the form code in the header, create an invisible pixel for the form to open from on the page, and then target the form ID. More documentation on this method coming soon!


1. To reveal the button settings, click the "Embedded button design" tab.

This will reveal color, shape, and text settings for the button.


Preview the button

Your button design is previewed live at the top of this editing tab.


Enter button text

This is the text that will appear on your button. Up to 25 characters max. Keep it short and directed at an action!

There are a few ways to approach your button text, see what works for you: 

  • Basic language - "Donate, Donate Now, Donate Today, Give $100"
  • Branded language - "Give water, Save a live, Become a sustainer"
  • Try engaging potential donors with a question - "Will you save an animal?, Can you give $13 now?"


Size, Shape, Style, and Color settings

SIZE - Small, Medium, Large
SHAPE - Box, Rounded, Pill
STYLE - Solid, Stroke
BUTTON COLOR - Background color of the button.

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