Brand trust is a vital aspect of the donor relationship. This is why you have full control over the colors, text, and settings for your donation forms. It's important your donation forms look and feel consistent with the rest of your website. Use these basic design controls to build a seamless donation process. Web Developers can further customize any text on the donation form with edits to embed code.

1. To reveal the design settings, click the "Design" tab.

This will reveal several design settings for your donation form.


Form Headline Text

Optional. Text entered here will appear at the top of your donation form when it pops up onto the screen. This text can go a long way to make the donation experience more meaningful, but we suggest always keeping it short! Form header text is not required and should only be used if needed. 

Examples of form headlines we love:

  • "Thank you for your generous gift!"
  • "100% of your gift will fund a water project."
  • "You are about to change a life!"


Form Logo

Optional. You can add a logo image to the top of your donation form. A logo is not always needed, but can be helpful to add brand trust in special occasions. For example, if you embed your form anywhere off your main website or you are running a special project that has it's own branding elements.

Make it great:

  • Try not to use a text or image based logo, as the placement may be too small.
  • Try using an logo variation with just the shapes and colors of your brand.
  • Circular logos look great here : )


Background Color

This is the color that will fill the screen behind the form.

Color has a huge effect on the donation experience:

  • A full solid color can create excitement around the donation form, but keep in mind a bright solid color may be too much excitement and scare away potential donors.
  • We suggest using a more muted color or tone, this will allow your form and form button to become the focus of the screen. 
  • When in doubt, try this soothing light gray: #dcdcdc


Header Text Color

This is the color of the optional form headline.


Button Color

This is the color of the button on the donation form. Keep this button consistent with your main brand color, but also make sure the button is dark enough to see! Be very careful with yellow or lighter colored buttons, many people may not have eyes as good as yours.


Button Text Color

This is the color of the text on the form button. We suggest keeping this text white or black (depending on your button color). Unless you're a design pro, try not to use a color on top of another color - science tells us not everyone sees color the same!

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