To access your Fundraiser Page manager, click Fundraiser Pages icon in the Sidebar menu.

1) Click + add filter
2) Click Filter by and select the type of filter you'd like to apply. Enter the filter parameters and click Apply.

A few examples of page filtering

Fundraiser pages for a specific campaign

Last Fundraiser Activity. Use this to find your most active fundraisers or motivate those who have stalled.

Fundraiser pages at less than 50% of their goal

Fundraiser pages that have not transacted

Team fundraiser pages

Fundraiser Page Filters:

  • Amount Raised
  • Campaign Site
  • Date
  • Magic Date
  • Donation Count
  • Donor Count
  • Expires (Campaign end date)
  • First Donation Date
  • Last Donation Date
  • Last Fundraiser Activity Date
  • Last Fundraiser Activity Magic Date
  • Last Login Date
  • Fundraiser Name
  • Fundraiser Email
  • Goal
  • Progress to Goal
  • Transacting Status (Transacting, Nontransacting)
  • Status (Published, Archived)
  • Type (Homepage, Fundraiser, Team)
  • URL

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