Each Campaign Site has a unique top navigation bar that can be completely customized. The top navigation can be edited from Site Editor, from the homepage or any custom page. The navigation is required on your homepage, but can be turned off on a custom page to create a focused landing page.

1. To access the Navigation Editing Modal, roll your mouse over the navigation area inside your Site Editor.

2. This will reveal the section editing toolkit in the right top of the section. Click on any tool to open the editing modal.

3. This opens the section editing modal. Here you can edit every aspect of the top navigation bar.

Navigation editing tabs

There are 4 tabs on the navigation editing modal: Design, Button, Custom Links, and Social Sharing.

Controls the overall design of the top area including logo, text and background colors.

Controls the donation button in the top navigation bar. This button like any button on your site, will launch the Campaign Site form.

Allows you to add links your custom pages or even custom external links in your navigation.

Controls the images and text that are used when your Campaign Site is shared.

Design Controls

Logo Image
Upload a logo image in the top navigation. A small icon logo works best! You can also use the Text Logo alone.

Text Logo
Enter text in the logo area of your top navigation.

Navigation background color
Customize the background color of the top bar. Pro Tip: Insert a value of “0” into the Alpha channel to make your background transparent.

Navigation text color
Custom the text color in the top navigation. This affects the text logo, custom links, and social share icon colors.

Make navigation sticky
When turned on, the top bar will remain fixed at the top of the browser window as the user scrolls down the page.

Button Controls

Donation button visibility
Toggles the donation button ON of OFF.

Button text
This is the top bar donation button text. Keep it short!

Autofill amount
Enter an amount here to launch the Campaign Site donation form with a pre-selected amount. NOTE: If you enter an amount here, be sure to leave the “Prefill Amount” blank on your Donation Form settings.

Custom button link
The top bar button can also be used with a custom link to a page on your Campaign Site or an external link. Insert a valid URL here to cancel out the donation form and use a link.

Background color
Customize the color of the top bar button.

Hover background color
Customize the hover color of the top bar button.

Text color
Customize the text color of the top bar button.

Customize the shape color of the top bar button: rectangle, rounded, or pill.

Customize the fill style of the top bar button: solid or stroke.

Custom Links

You can add custom links to your top bar navigation by using the Custom Links tab. Any Custom Page you create will appear in this window. You can turn the visibility of your Custom Pages links in the navigation ON and OFF. You can also add an external link to your navigation custom menu. For example, you can provide a link to your main website in the navigation of your Campaign Site.

If you only have one Custom Link on, it will appear as a text link. If you have more than one Custom Link visible in your top navigation, the items will be accessible inside a dropdown menu. The title of this dropdown menu will appear in your navigation and can be edited.

Social Sharing

Settings in the Social Sharing tab control the images and text that are included when your campaign site is shared through different channels. These are not links to your social media. These buttons will open a share dialogue box, allowing users to share your Campaign Site on their own social media pages or through an email. : )


Toggle ON or OFF the Facebook icon in the top menu. Include an image, title, and description with a share. We suggest you ALWAYS customize the Facebook share settings. Facebook is the largest social network, and, settings here can help the preview of a link that is shared in other platforms as well, for example a link shared in the Slack App will generally use the image and text settings from the Facebook share.

Toggle ON or OFF the Twitter icon in the top menu. Include an image, title, description, and text to be shared. Your Campaign Site URL is automatically included at the end of your share text, so your share text must be less than 140 characters (including your site URL!)

Toggle ON or OFF the Google+ icon in the top menu.

Toggle ON or OFF the email icon in the top menu. This will open the users email client and auto-populate a subject and email body text.

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