1. To access the Progress Bar Editing Modal, roll your mouse over the progress area inside your Site Editor. This will reveal the section editing toolkit in the right top of the section. Click on any tool to open the editing modal.

2. This opens the section editing modal. Here you can edit nearly every aspect of the progress bar.

Progress Bar editing tabs

There are 3 tabs on the progress bar editing modal: Design, Button, and Impact tracking.

Customize the overall design of the progress bar area.

Customize the progress bar button.

Track your campaign progress by projects funded. Enter the cost and name for a particular project and automatically calculate the number of projects funded based on the total amount raised. For example, let’s say you’re campaigning to raise the funds needed to plant 100 tress. If each tree cost $10 to plant, set an overall campaign goal at $1000 and then set the project cost at $10 and set the project name to “Trees Planted” – now for every $10 you raise, your “Trees Planted” count will automatically increase!

Design Controls

Progress box visibility
Toggle ON or OFF the entire progress bar box and container.

Box background
Customize the color of the progress bar box background.

Progress bar
Customize the color of the progress bar. We suggest using the same color as your donate buttons!

Progress bar background
Customize the color of the progress bar background.

Progress bar container colorCustomize the color of the progress container background. This is the color of the section directly behind and below the progress box.

Donor count visibility
Toggle ON of OFF the donor count.

Number color
Customize the color of the Total Raised Amount, Donor Count, and Impact Tracking numbers.

Text color
Customize the color of the text in the progress box. This includes your goal amount.

Button Controls

Donation button visibility
Toggles the top banner donation button ON or OFF.

Button text
This is the top banner donation button text. Keep it short!

Autofill amount
Enter an amount here to launch the Campaign Site donation form with a pre-selected amount. NOTE: If you enter an amount here, be sure to leave the “Prefill Amount” blank on your Donation Form settings.

Custom button link
The progress bar button can also be used with a custom link to a page on your Campaign Site or an external link. Insert a valid URL here to cancel out the donation form and use a link.

Background color
Customize the color of the button.

Hover background color
Customize the hover color of the button.

Text color
Customize the text color of the button.

Customize the shape color of the button: rectangle, rounded, or pill.

Customize the fill style of the button: solid or stroke.

Customize the alignment of the button: left, center, or right aligned.

Impact Tracking Controls

Track impact
Toggle ON of OFF impact tracking.

Per project cost
The dollar amount for each project.

Project description
This description will appear on the progress bar. Keep it short! For example: Projects Funded, Tress Planted, Animals Rescued, Scholarships Funded, etc. We suggest always tracking the real impact of your fundraising campaign!

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