Campaign Sites can host customizable custom pages. Custom pages can be linked in your top navigation menu. Some templates already include a custom page, so you can simply access this page and edit it rather than create a new page.


Create a Custom Page

1. In the Campaign Site editor top gray bar, click the “Edit” selector and then select “Add new custom page” in the dropdown.

2. This will open a blank custom page and you can begin designing.



Edit a Custom Page

Custom pages include a the top navigation, top banner, body area, and footer. Although the top navigation and footer can be toggled OFF on any custom page to create a focused landing page, we suggest always including these elements on every page of your site. 

Edits to the top navigation and footer are universal and site wide, this means any edits to the top navigation or footer will take place on all pages.

The editing modals for a custom page are similar to those on the your homepage. If you understand the basic principles of the Campaign Site editor, you’ll have no trouble editing your custom page.

Custom Page Actions

There are several useful actions that can be taken on custom pages. To access these actions from your custom page, select “Page actions” in the top gray edit bar.

Return to default
This will delete all the content and design selections you’ve added to this page.

Autofill from another…
This will allow you to insert content and design settings from another custom page. This action will completely replace the content and design settings on this page. This page action is only available if you have created more than one custom page.

Delete page
This will delete your custom page.

Change page name
You can change the name of your custom pages. Your custom page names will appear in your top navigation menu as custom links.

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