The Yearly Donation Summary Email is an automated email that will send to any donor who donated in the previous year. While you can enter any content in the email, we've designed it specifically to send donors their tax donation email summaries for the previous year. Automatically! 

All you need to do is enter your content - including the appropriate merge tags and turn it on. By building dynamic content with merge tags, you'll only have to create this email once. It will continue working each year, like magic.


  • As with all automated flows, as soon as you toggle it on, it will begin sending immediately. Only activate this email after you have entered wonderful content and have saved the email design. 
  • Donors are only added to the send list after this email is activated.
  • You MUST enter the appropriate merge tags in order for this email to work properly. Don't worry, it's easy! Just keep reading. 


To access the Yearly Donation Summary Email editor, navigate to "Automated Emails" from your sidebar menu and click "Manage" on the automation card.


Click "Edit" to begin editing the design.

IMPORTANT: Do not toggle this email ON until you have finished designing and testing your emails.

If you are new to the email editor, we suggest reading this article to learn the basics.


So, there are three really important aspects of this particular automated email - WHO gets the email, WHEN it sends, and WHAT data should be included?

Who will receive this email?

Any donor who:

  • Has made at least one donation in the previous year
  • Has made at least one donation since this email automation was activated.

When will this email send?

  • Once the email is activated it, it will immediately begin to send. It can take up to one week for all the emails to send. 
  • After the automation sends the first time, it will continue to send the first week of February the following year. This means that if you design this email properly (using the right merge tags) you can turn it on and forget it. It will continue sending during the first week of February of each year, forever!
  • You can toggle the email off at anytime, which will stop all emails from sending. Toggling the email back on will enable automation to pick up where it left off (donors will not receive the same email twice). Be aware that when the email is toggled off, donors are not being added to the send list, so we suggest leaving this automation ON.

What content should be included in this email?

In order for the email to send a full summary of donations and a total donation amount for the previous year, you'll need to place those merge tags into the email body content. There are a few merge tags that come in handy for this email:

  • *|fr:last_year|*  -  last year, "2016"
  • *|donor:name|* - the full name of the donor (or institution).
  • *|donor:last_year_donation_total|* - total donation amount last year, "$250.00"
  • *|donor:last_year_donations|* - table of the donor's donations amounts and dates for the previous year.

It's also important to include language verifying the gift was a donation. The text below is an example for US donors:

  • Federal income tax law requires us to inform you that no goods or services were provided to you in return for your gift. Therefore, within the limits prescribed by law, the full amount of your gift is deductible for federal income tax purposes. Our Tax ID is XXXXXXXXXX.
  • Be sure to include your organization's TAX ID number!


✏️ Example Content!

Using the merge tags above let's create content for this email that will work year after year. If it sounds confusing, stay with us - let's look at a real example - in the example below, we have some basic content with merge tags entered.


Hi *|donor:name|*,
Thank you so much for being an important part of our impact last year. We couldn't have done it without you! This is your *|fr:last_year|* donation summary, please keep it for your records.

*|fr:last_year|* TOTAL DONATIONS

*|fr:last_year|* DONATION SUMMARY


When sent, the content above would look like this: 

Hi John Smith,
Thank you so much for being an important part of our impact last year. We couldn't have done it without you! This is your 2016 donation summary, please keep it for your records.


January 19, 2016                  $100.00
March 19, 2016                     $100.00
September 19, 2016             $100.00
November 19, 2016              $100.00
December 19, 2016              $100.00


Pro-Tip: You can also use a merge tag in a subject line! 

For example: Your *|fr:last_year|* Donation Summary!

When sent, the content above would look like: Your 2016 Donation Summary!


Once you have saved your content, activate the automation by toggling ON the email.

Be sure you send a test email to see how your design will perform in the real world.


That's it! Sit back, relax, and enjoy the power of your Funraise platform.

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