You can connect Funraise to your Salesforce account by installing the Funraise Connect App from Salesforce AppExchange.

Funraise Connect will sync your Transactions, Supporters and Fundraisers from Funraise directly to your Salesforce organization.  Whenever a new transaction comes in, the transaction and associated supporter are sent to Salesforce in the form of Contact (Supporter) and Opportunity (Transaction). When someone signs up as a Fundraiser, they will also be sent to Salesforce in the form of a Contact.  

Learn about the data Funraise sends to Salesforce here.

What does the integration do?

  • The integration will sync Supporters, Fundraisers and Transactions to your Salesforce organization.
  • When a transaction is made, it will be sent to the salesforce organization as an opportunity and the supporter corresponding to that transaction will be sent as a contact record
  • When a Supporter is added manually in Funraise, it will be sent to the salesforce organization as a contact. 
  • Additionally, you can manually send a transaction to your Salesforce organization by selecting the "Send to Salesforce" action in the transaction log.
  • When someone signs up as a Fundraiser on a campaign site, they will be sent to Salesforce in the form of a Contact.  


Setup (in Salesforce)

Create a Connected App in Salesforce to setup OAuth:

  1. In your Salesforce organization, navigate to Setup > Build > Create > Apps and select New under Connected Apps.
  2. Fill out the new Connected App form and check the box for Enable OAuth Settings.
  3. Set the Callback URL field to
  4. Add the OAuth Scopes Access and manage your data (api) and Perform requests on your behalf at any time (refresh_token, offline_access) and Save the record.
  5. When viewing the Connected App record under Setup > Build > Create > Apps, the Consumer Key and Consumer Secret should be visible, these values will be used to integrate with Funraise.
  6.  Navigate to the "Application Switch" at the top right of your screen and launch the Appexchange.

7. Once you open the Salesforce Appexchange, type in Funraise Connect in the app search bar to locate the Funraise application.

8. Click on the Funraise Connect application and install the package to your salesforce organization. 

Once the package is installed, you will be prompted to map the Funraise data to a corresponding native or custom field on either the Opportunity or Contact record in your salesforce organization. 


Setup (in Funraise)

Setup the Integration in the Funraise Platform:

1. When you are logged in to the Funraise platform, from the Profile Icon, click "Settings" and then click on the Integrations page.

2. On the Salesforce integrations card, click on the actions menu > "Edit". Note: If you do not see a Salesforce option when viewing the integrations screen, contact your Customer Success Manager.

3. Select your type of Salesforce environment. Production will correspond to using, while Sandbox will use

4. Enter your Consumer Key from the Salesforce Connected App in the Client Key field.

5. Enter your Client Secret from the Salesforce Connected App in the Client Secret field.

6. A pop-up Salesforce OAuth window will appear asking if you want to give Funraise access to manage your data, click Allow.

7. You'll get a message saying "Salesforce Successfully Connected" at which point you can safely close the pop-up window.

All Done! New transactions will be sync'd to salesforce and you can manually sync previous transactions by selecting "Send to Salesforce" in the "Actions" dropdown menu on a specific transaction in the Transaction log.

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