This release includes practical and time-saving tools we think you'll love. A few of our favorites are listed below.

MailChimp + Funraise

Heck Yes! The MailChimp integration is the real deal. When a donor makes a donation or a supporter is added, their information can be forwarded to a list in MailChimp. We're also sending rich Supporter data into MailChimp that will enable you to create smart segments within your list. For example, segment fundraisers or recurring donors, or even donors who have not given this year. 

Funraise Connect

Funraise Connect is an app for Salesforce available on the Salesforce AppExchange. This is a completely new way to connect Funraise with Salesforce to sync in Donations, Donors, and Fundraisers. It's easy to set up and map Funraise fields with custom fields in salesforce. 

Donation Pledge Management

Do you have pledges to track? Does a one-legged duck swim in a circle? This release introduces pledges in your platform. You can create a pledge record for a future donation, create a task to follow up with the pledge, then mark it as complete when it's received. You can even save a pending pledge report and see the amount that's been promised. Your CPA will love you.

Supporter Tags

You can now add tags to Supporters. Tags can be added to a Supporter when they donate through a particular form or tags can be added right from the Supporter Profile. These tags can be used to filter Supporters and create saved reports.

Default Organization Email Address

You can now select a default organization email address as the sending address for your platform notifications. This was a small one, but we know it will make a lot of you happy :)

Performance enhancements and bug fixes

You probably know this by now, but each new release, increases the performance of your platform. These behind the scenes performance enhancements are updates you may not see, but you will certainly feel 😉

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